Best Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Stars


Best Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Stars


Best Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Stars


Best Wedding Photographer Testimonials 09

Eileen & VincentMontage Laguna Beach Absolutely the best wedding vendor we had for our wedding!!! My husband and I got engaged May 2014 and as an excited fiancee, I quickly did my research for all of my wedding vendors, and got our date set for 8/29/15. I researched online and yelp and I can honestly say that no one comes close to how beautiful and emotional the photos that Henry from Aevitas Weddings can capture.

We live in NYC and our wedding was at the Montage in Laguna Beach, CA and even with this long distance, Henry was always so accessible and responsive (very impt!!) My husband and I skyped with Henry- he was thorough and sincere and super organized!! We knew things were meant to be when Henry, coincidentally, had a shoot in NYC and he offered to take our engagement pictures in the big apple without charging any travel fees (some people might try to get more out of you, but I’m telling you guys, he’s the best!) Coming up on months before the wedding, Henry would always check in and even give us helpful hints about the big day. Our wedding day was perfect! It went so smoothly because Henry gave us a timeline and really likes to make sure he captures all the special moments! And in the end, we truly can’t thank Henry and his wife Charlene for capturing our special day! Every time friends, and family see our photos, they are just in awe with the quality. Quick turnaround for the wedding photos after the wedding was a plus! Coming from a picky girl from new york/orange county…I’m truly happy we went with Aevitas 🙂 MONTAGE LAGUNA BEACH WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER
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Monica & Iggy, Calamigos Equestrian During our consultation, we found Henry to be very professional & engaging. He had an entire Powerpoint set up & gave us a presentation of his services. I could tell he was very organized, methodical, and thorough, and he definitely put time into preparing for our meeting. When you’re dealing with the chaos that is wedding planning, these things matter. What’s great about Henry is that he gives you the whole package – professionalism and talent! He was flexible with his services and was able to slightly alter a package deal to better suit our needs. He was just a joy to work with.

Since getting engaged, every vendor/family member/friend that we talked to wanted to know colors and dresses and flowers and locations and bla bla bla. Logistics. Henry was different. The first thing he asked us when we sat down, before the business talk started, was how did you meet? What attracted you to each other? He wanted to know us. By knowing us, he could do his job better. That touched us and we realized it wasn’t just about our business or getting a deposit out of us. He recognizes that yeah a wedding is a business transaction but more so, a MARRIAGE was happening. LOVE was happening. And that mattered to him. Leading up to the wedding, Henry was so on top of everything. He’s absolutely a Type A personality so no detail went unnoticed. He’s amazing at getting back with emails (even when he’s out of the country) and I never felt like my incessant emails were bothersome to him. For being so young, he’s profoundly professional and runs a great business. As far as the wedding day itself, he was such a gem. He kept us on track time-wise, recognized when we needed rescuing from our guests, and really went above and beyond. Overall, choosing Henry really was the best wedding decision we made throughout the wedding planning process. All the work a couple puts into wedding planning can be lost without a great photographer to capture it. Henry will not disappoint! CALAMIGOS EQUESTRIAN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER
Best Wedding Photographer Testimonials 05

Jennifer & Gabriel, West Hills Private Estate Aevitas Weddings is truly the all-time best wedding photography company. We initially found them on Yelp, but did not immediately contact them. We instead asked friends for recommendations, searched other sources, and read through at least 100 different wedding photographer web sites. We just kept going back to Yelp and re-reading reviews and checking the web site. We didn’t think we could afford him, his work seemed exceptional. However, we submitted our story (how my fiance and I met and became engaged). Henry responded, and was so personal, offered us different packages, all of which I felt were reasonable. I made an appointment with him (and two other photography companies).

There was no comparison between Aevitas Weddings and the others. Henry wanted to know about us, our background, our friends and family. He was all about the celebration of our love an union. It probably gave him ideas for the types of pictures to take, how to best capture the moment, which is really important for your wedding day. Henry seemed to understand what we wanted as if we had been friends for years. Yet he was professional and we knew he had a good eye. On our wedding day, Henry and his assistant showed early. That was very nice, as soon as we were ready to take pictures, they were there. They arranged the first look for us, for me and my father, and my mother. I was worried that there was not enough time to include it all, but somehow, they made it happen. They kept the ball rolling, it wasn’t too fast or slow, I just think, how did they do it? Plus they told us where to stand, how to stand, where to look, and we did what they said, and the pictures came out beautifully, especially the action shots, wow, I was amazed. We were amazed. I (bride) had requested that they try certain types of pictures, ideas that I found online. I thought maybe they would squeeze in one or two of those, but no, they did them all! And they were not easy requests. Whenever they found a good moment, they took us aside to take those extra shots. How did they remember all the details? They discretely followed us around the whole evening. You wouldn’t notice, unless actively looking. This was perfect for dinner and dancing. If I wanted to get still shots with guests, they were there. Otherwise, they were capturing all the action. I arranged for my mother to receive a gift during the reception, and they got it. Everything I had on my timeline (and I was super bridezilla, had a whole itinerary for them) they captured all of it. I don’t even know if they had anything to eat or took a restroom break. It was pictures, pictures, pictures. You think half of the pictures would be good at best when so many are taken. No, most of them were very good and half were exceptional. One of the most important investments for a wedding is the photographer. No other company would have done this good a job. Aevitas Weddings is the best. We felt so comfortable working with them. Again, it was as if we had been friends already, and they were just there to coach us and capture our most important day. Most of the shots were great, many were exceptional. They captured everything we asked for and then threw in their own unique surprises. What a nice touch! Their work and how they works is remarkable and professional. If you need a wedding photographer, don’t waste your time looking any further (like I did). Aevitas Weddings is it. LOS ANGELES WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER
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Diana & Tom, Fairmont Newport Beach In summary, five stars without a doubt, if I could give Aevitas Weddings more than five stars I would! If their photojournalistic style if your cup of tea, contact them asap and you will not be disappointed. Photography was the second vendor we booked after securing our venue and wedding date. So it was very important to us and we were willing to set aside a healthy budget for it. It is an “investment” 😉 I will not be afraid to admit Yelp guided a lot of the vendor searching and Henry Chen Photography (now Aevitas Weddings) popped up on Yelp with stellar reviews and ratings. Ultimately, I let my now-husband decide as he was particularly drawn to Henry’s style.

As we were planning our wedding from out of town (six hour drive away), we did not have the luxury of visiting local wedding vendors in person as often as we wanted. We appreciated Henry’s quick and detailed responses to emails. He also accommodated us with Skype sessions so we could at least meet virtually and have a good conversation. He seemed genuinely interested in us as a couple and was very friendly and approachable. He worked with us on our wedding package as we had already done a casual engagement shoot. He offered to substitute in more wedding day coverage instead. Hooray! We did not meet in person until the actual wedding day. We instantly recognized him and he introducted his assistant/wife Charlene. Both of them are so easy and nice to work with. They were easily able to capture bride and groom getting ready shots between the two of them and accommodated all of our requests for certain poses and even acquiesced to my mother’s nagging requests for certain group shots. They worked very quickly and efficiently. We finished our first look and portraits well before the ceremony. My husband I also noticed that Henry worked very well with our videographer even though they just met for the first time that day. Many of our guests and bridal party thought the photographer and videographer were one team. They worked seamlessly together and coordinated shots with each other so well. True to his word, Henry worked like a ninja quickly snapping shots and never “getting in the way.” Even now reviewing our wedding videos, we noticed Henry was very considerate of his surroundings and it did not compromise the quality of his pictures. To our pleasant surprise, we got our pictures in an online gallery only three weeks after our wedding! We love the photos Henry took and we got nothing short of positive feedback and praise from our family and friends. The attention to detail and lighting among other things are amazing. It is true when they say the wedding goes by in a blur. I’m so glad I have beautiful pictures to reflect upon. Please consider Henry Chen for your photography needs. He is amazing 🙂 ORANGE COUNTY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER
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Jeannie & Michael, Carmel Valley Ranch Choosing a wedding photographer was extremely important to us. It was the first thing we looked into the minute after we chose our date and our venue. I live in the Bay Area (Nor Cal) and without a doubt, the San Francisco Bay Area has some talented photographers. We came across a lot of great work but one evening, we stumbled upon Henry Chen’s website. His style and his portfolio immediately captured our attention and we knew we had to inquire further. During our first phone call, we discovered that Henry had just finished up a wedding shoot at our venue in Carmel Valley. What are the chances? It was like bells were ringing and the sun was shining down. The answer was clear – Henry was the one! During our skype consultation, we realized that for such an incredibly talented artist, Henry was very humble. He was kind, very passionate about his work, and overall a very positive person. It was an easy decision and we hired Henry right away.

For our wedding day, Henry and Charlene were bright and early and were ready to get right to work. Henry did an excellent job working on capturing the wedding details while the girls and I got ready. He worked so well with our other vendors and was very flexible and accommodating but still maintained to stay on schedule to ensure we captured everything. Charlene was such a sweetheart and just as talented; and together, they couldn’t be a more perfect team. It was without a doubt, a decision made right to hire these two. Having Henry and Charlene as our wedding photographers – to capture the intimate moments of our wedding day, to capture the story and the emotions behind it all was very special and we were honored to have them a part of our story. THANK YOU HENRY AND CHARLENE! There’s no need to look any further – Henry is the best! 🙂 CARMEL VALLEY RANCH WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER
Best Wedding Photographer Testimonials 10

Lilly & Steve, Spanish Hills Country Club Choosing your wedding photographer is a huge decision. There are so many photographers out there, it can be very difficult to make a decision. It is also a fairly significant expense, so you really want to know you are getting someone who is going to capture all the special moments. My wife and I are so happy and lucky to have found Henry. From the moment we had our first meeting, we knew he was the one for us. From the first emails we exchanged all the way to the weeks after the wedding, Henry’s professionalism was unparalleled. He was so responsive and proactive throughout the entire process. It was like having a wedding planner and photographer all in one. It reduced our stress level significantly to have a photographer that was so on top of everything. Henry guided us through the whole process, start to finish.

I don’t want to overlook Henry’s ability to make you feel at ease. He had a very stress-free way of setting up beautiful and creative shots. Henry flawlessly integrated himself into all the craziness of the wedding ceremony and reception. Throughout the entire event he was right on point with all the various types of shots we requested during our planning discussions. But there were so many amazing moments that Henry captured throughout the entire event totally on his own. He knew exactly where he needed to be and when. Choosing Henry for our wedding was by far one of the best decisions we made. If we had to do it all over again we wouldn’t change a thing. We strongly recommend Henry! He is a talented professional! VENTURA COUNTY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER
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Edel & Ryan, Center Club Henry has become more than a wedding photographer for me and my family. He has done the pictures for 2 of our weddings and we consider him and his talented wife Charlene friends. Henry’s attention to the details in each moment show through not only in his incredible work ethic but also his professionalism and his amazing pictures.

I know that there is never a moment missed with Henry behind the lens. He did our engagement pictures in March 2014 and was wonderful, there were so many great pictures that we couldn’t possibly ever narrow down a favorite. I would highly recommend (And Do repeatedly) Henry to everyone. He is simply amazing. A joy. CENTER CLUB WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER
Best Wedding Photographer Testimonials 06

Jennifer & Jesse, Bacara Resort And Spa Henry Chen FAR exceeded both mine and my husband’s expectations for a photographer for our engagement photos as well as the most special day of our life…our wedding day. Henry was fun, professional, outgoing, kind, caring, a TRUE master at his craft, and the list goes on and on. I have nothing but 5+ STARS for Henry (and his wife) in every area for capturing some of the most special moments of our lives so far.

If you’re looking for a photographer to capture memories and moments that will last a LIFETIME, look no farther…Henry is the ONE! Henry – thank you for everything that you’ve done and STILL continue to do…our wedding has come and gone, but our photos are forever, and we continue to look back on them with massive smiles and happiness. THANK YOU! BACARA RESORT AND SPA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER