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creative nighttime couple portrait lacma los angeles

LACMA Engagement Session



  • Third location: LACMA in Los Angeles, CA


LACMA engagement session photos:

I’ve been lucky enough to know Gwen since our undergrad engineering days, having been in the same graduation class and keeping in touch via Facebook ever since. It was such a lovely surprise when she emailed asking me to capture these LACMA engagement session photos, as well as be her wedding photographer later in the year.

I was excited to hear her story when she and her fiancé Matt met at my studio in Downtown Long Beach. I will never forget the way they got engaged during a holiday in Japan, with Matt surprising her with a really expensive fruit, inside of which was hidden the ring!

creative nighttime couple portrait lacma los angeles

An off-camera flash nighttime portrait of the newly engaged couple kissing during their LACMA engagement session in Los Angeles.cma Wedding Photographer Engagement Session Photos


Venice Canals engagement session photos:

We began the e-session at the residential area of Venice Canals, with lots of quiet, leafy walkways to explore and its iconic bridges on which we could stage romantic couple portraits. We captured natural shots of Gwen and Matt embracing, as well as a few playful images as their chemistry and love for one another shone through.

nature inspired urban e-session venice canals

Capturing Gwen and Matt embracing beneath the leafy greenery of Venice Canals during their urban e-session in Los Angeles.

playful couple portrait venice canals walkway e-session

A playful shot of the newly engaged couple exploring the residential district of Venice Canals during their Los Angeles engagement photo session.

romantic couple portrait bridge venice canals engagement photographer

Gwen and Matt looking into each other’s eyes atop one of the iconic bridges in the Venice Canals residential district.


Venice Beach engagement session photos:

We then headed over to Venice Beach to take advantage of its colorful graffiti walls and atmospheric sunset lighting. I love the palm trees here for taking silhouette shots right as the sun sinks below the horizon, as well as that whimsical, beachside ambiance that comes with the last rays of light.

creative couple portrait graffiti wall venice beach e-session

A portrait of the newly engaged couple in front of one of the colorful graffiti walls of Venice Beach.

silhouette couple portrait venice beach palm trees

A silhouette shot of Gwen and Matt kissing beneath the iconic palm trees of Venice Beach during their sunset engagement photo session.

creative couple portrait shadow wall venice beach e-session

Capturing a fun moment as Matt pretended to scare Gwen with his shadow during their Venice Beach e-session.

whimsical couple portrait sunset e-session venice beach

A whimsical shot of the newly engaged couple embracing on the sands of Venice Beach during their sunset e-session.

couple kiss red roller door venice beach engagement photographer

The couple kiss in front of a bright red roller door during their fun-filled Venice Beach e-session.


LACMA engagement session photos:

We finished off the day at the LACMA – an art museum in Los Angeles which is renowned for its illuminated outdoor lamps. Gwen and Matt changed into formal evening attire and we took some romantic nighttime couple portraits beneath this beautiful display. I love the creative potential on offer here and felt that these LACMA engagement session photos reflected that.

romantic nighttime couple portrait lacma museum e-session

An elegant nighttime portrait of the couple embracing beneath the iconic lamps of LACMA in Downtown Los Angeles.

beautiful black and white couple portrait lacma engagement session

A close-up black and white portrait of Gwen and Matt during their LACMA engagement photo session.

creative couple portrait lamps los angeles county museum art

A wide angle shot of the newly engaged couple looking up towards the illuminated lamps of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


LACMA engagement session photos:

It was a wonderful day catching up with an old friend (and meeting her new partner for life) and I can’t wait to be their wedding photographer this coming summer.

March 14, 2014

Engagement Session

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