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Solstice Canyon Engagement Session




Solstice Canyon engagement session photos:

The opportunity to capture Crystal and Jeff’s e-session was particularly special for me as they had been referred by Crystal’s brother, Michael, whose wedding I had shot a couple of years before. I remembered this couple from that special day back in 2013 and was excited to work with them during their Solstice Canyon engagement session.

Crystal and Jeff met during their undergraduate studies at UCLA and have been together for almost a decade. I invited them to my studio in Downtown Long Beach at the end of 2015 to discuss not only their engagement session, but also the wedding they have planned this Fall.

couple and dog during solstice canyon e-session

The newly engaged couple with their dog Cody during the Solstice Canyon engagement session.


Solstice Canyon engagement session photos:

Both Crystal and Jeff have a strong love for the outdoors and opted for a nature-inspired e-session at the beautiful Solstice Canyon and El Matador Beach, both in Malibu. We met up at Solstice Canyon in the mid-afternoon and were joined by their undeniably cute dog, Cody. While I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of couple’s dogs during Los Angeles engagement sessions, I have to say that Cody was one of the most well-behaved, with a really easy-going temperament.

The Solstice Canyon engagement session photos we captured here were imbued with a really woodsy, whimsical feel. I took portraits of the couple strolling along the walking trails hand-in-hand and took advantage of the diffuse mid-afternoon lighting through the gnarled trees. I particularly like the close up I captured of Cody, with Crystal and Jeff embracing in the background.

playful couple portrait by malibu photographer

A playful candid shot of Crystal and Jeff during their e-session at Malibu’s Solstice Canyon.

nature themed e-session at solstice canyon

Crystal and Jeff’s nature-inspired e-session at Solstice Canyon reflected their love for the outdoors.

dog portrait with couple during malibu e-session

A close-up shot of the newly engaged couple’s dog, with Crystal and Jeff embracing in the background.

romantic couple portrait during malibu e-session

Capturing a warm embrace between Crystal and Jeff during their mid-afternoon engagement session photos at Solstice Canyon.

whimsical portrait during solstice canyon e-session

A whimsical shot of the newly engaged couple within the woodsy surrounds of Malibu’s Solstice Canyon.

intimate couple portrait during malibu engagement session

Crystal and Jeff look into each other’s eyes during their Solstice Canyon e-session.

couple walk through solstice canyon with dog

The newly engaged couple stroll through Solstice Canyon with their cute dog Cody.

couple laughing during romantic solstice canyon e-session

The couple share an intimate laugh on a tree branch at Solstice Canyon during their woodsy e-session.

couple show engagement ring during malibu e-session

A close-up shot of the couple showing off Crystal’s engagement ring during their Solstice Canyon e-session.

couple cuddling dog during malibu nature e-session

The newly engaged couple cuddle their dog Cody during their engagement session at Malibu’s Solstice Canyon.


El Matador Beach engagement session photos:

After about an hour, we headed over to El Matador Beach to capture a few shots during the magical golden hour at sunset. Although it actually was a little chilly, windy, and cloudy, I thought we came away with some lovely images and had a lot of fun in the process. In addition to some silhouette shots and creative portraits using off-camera flash, I tried to really capture Crystal and Jeff as naturally as possible, with their fun-loving personalities shining through.

sunset couple portrait session at el matador beach

Crystal and Jeff stroll along El Matador Beach during their sunset e-session in Malibu.

silhouette couple portrait during el matador beach e-session

A playful silhouette shot of the couple at sunset during their El Matador Beach engagement session.

intimate couple embrace during malibu sunset e-session

Capturing an intimate embrace between the couple on the boardwalk overlooking Malibu’s El Matador Beach.

playful candid couple shot during malibu e-session

A candid, playful shot of Crystal and Jeff during their fun-filled sunset e-session at El Matador Beach.

whimsical couple portrait during el matador beach e-session

A whimsical shot of the couple embracing as the sun slowly set over Malibu’s El Matador Beach.

creative couple portrait at el matador beach rock formation

A creative shot of the couple with El Matador Beach’s iconic rock formations during their Malibu e-session.

off-camera flash couple portrait during sunset malibu e-session

Using off-camera flash to capture this creative sunset portrait of Crystal and Jeff during their El Matador Beach e-session.


Solstice Canyon engagement session photos:

After such an easy-going e-session with this wonderful couple (and their adorable dog), I can’t wait to photograph Crystal and Jeff’s wedding in the Fall!

March 8, 2016

Engagement Session

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