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01 Top 6 Best Wedding Photo Tips For Engaged Couples

Top 6 Best Wedding Photo Tips For Engaged Couples


From doing your research to wearing your emotions on your sleeve, here are our top five best wedding photos tips for a gorgeous wedding day album.

Your wedding day will probably feel like it passes by in the blink of an eye, so having beautiful images to document the day is important to most couples. From all the special details you’ve selected to the raw emotions evoked, how do you capture the most memorable photos to relive your wedding day again and again?

To help you out, we’ve put together five of our best wedding photos tips for an unforgettable wedding album. 


1. Do Your Research

Wedding photography has changed immeasurably since your mom and dad walked down the aisle and is constantly reinventing itself with new trends and technological advancements. So well before you even select a wedding photographer, get online to see recent wedding photoshoots, and get an idea of just what is possible. From that whimsical air to bold, fine-art style portraits, there is so much potential in terms of different styles and creativity.

Browsing online and in modern wedding magazines will help you establish what kind of photos you want to document your special day and help you find a wedding photographer who can achieve that. 


2. Invest In An Engagement Session

Once you’ve decided on a wedding photographer, seriously consider investing in an engagement session. Not only will it help you to get acquainted with your photographer, their working style and personality, but it will allow you to become more comfortable in front of the camera.

Your photographer can establish how much guidance you need and the chemistry between you and your spouse, while you’ll have professional images of yourself to keep. Seeing yourself in professional photos will also help you to figure out what you like (and don’t) before your wedding day rolls around. 


3. Create A Shot List

So you don’t need to list every single shot that you want to be captured on your special day, but giving your wedding photographer an indication of the most important ones is a great idea. This is particularly important for family formal combinations and should include information on any awkward family relationships to ensure your photographer doesn’t step on any toes. 


But it also applies to any shots or portraits you’ve seen somewhere else and absolutely loved, as well as those unique insider jokes between you and your partner that you want to be replicated on your wedding day. You should also write down all the details you want to be captured, from those thousand dollar shoes to the floral centerpieces at your reception, so you can appreciate them long into the future.


4. Plan A Realistic Wedding Schedule

Don’t fool yourself – everything on your wedding day will take longer than you expect and unexpected things happen, so plan accordingly. If things start running behind schedule and you’ve got timelines to meet at your ceremony or reception venue, it’s photography time that will invariably get cut down. So always schedule an adequate amount of time for photography throughout the day and add in plenty of “buffer time” just in case things go wrong.

Wedding planners are experts at scheduling and will understand how much time is needed and when. But if you’re not hiring one, check with your wedding photographer exactly how much time you think they will need to capture the different elements of your wedding day…and then add some more!


5. Wear Your Emotions On Your Sleeve

Perhaps the most essential ingredient in gorgeous wedding day albums are emotions, but if the couple doesn’t deliver them, the photographer can’t capture them. Feeling comfortable enough to wear your emotions on your sleeve can make all the difference, which is why having trust and rapport with your wedding photographer is essential.

Too many couples try and hold back tears to avoid ruining their makeup or stifle joyous laughter in case they are caught in an unflattering pose. But in doing so you lose the captivating emotional spectrum of a wedding day and those images that will transport you back to what you were feeling and thinking in an instant. 


6. Enjoy The Moments

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so rather than worrying about where the camera is and if you’re getting the shots you want, try to relax and soak up just being in the moment. If you’ve selected a wedding photographer because you love their style and communicated well with them in the lead up to your wedding, then trust that on the day itself they will take charge of documenting it in a way they know you’ll love.



No two couples are the same and neither should their wedding photos. But it takes a little research and planning to create your dream album which is where our best wedding photos tips come in. So rather than selecting a photographer at random and letting them shoot what they please, determine the style and photos you want, communicate this with your photographer and give them the emotional palette to work with.

May 22, 2020

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