Venice Canals Proposal | Misha & Asad
romantic couple portrait venice canals proposal session

Venice Canals Proposal




Venice Canals proposal photos:

Doing a surprise proposal photoshoot was actually a new one for me! Despite capturing hundreds of weddings and engagement photography sessions, I’ve only been the photography accomplice in a surprise proposal once before. But when Asad emailed me asking if I would help him out in this regard, I was more than honored and excited, and I hope these Venice Canals proposal photos really captured the essence of this special moment between him and his love, Misha.

Asad is a Los Angeles local, but Misha is actually from London in the United Kingdom. The couple had met on vacation in Mexico a few years ago, and before Misha was going to visit Asad in LA this December, he was already planning this surprise proposal at the Venice Canals residential area.

romantic couple portrait venice canals proposal session

Capturing the love between Misha and Asad was undeniable, moments after the surprise proposal at Venice Canals in Los Angeles.


Venice Canals proposal photos:

I met up with Asad before the actual proposal date to make a plan, and around 11AM on the scheduled morning I was hidden in a leafy area of the Venice Canals, waiting for the couple to arrive. Everything ran like clockwork, and right around 11:30AM, Asad and Misha walked towards me along the pavement, hand-in-hand, before Asad got down on one knee.

The Venice Canals proposal photos were a mixture of candid shots during the surprise proposal itself, as well as photos of the couple in the hour or so afterwards as they walked around the residential area and just soaked up the moment. Needless to say, they were both beaming in the post-proposal moments, and the romance between the two was absolutely palpable.

surprise proposal venice canals los angeles photographer

Asad gets down on one knee for a surprise proposal to his love Misha, in Los Angeles’ Venice Canals.

couple embrace during venice canals proposal portrait session

A warm embrace between Misha and Asad moments after becoming engaged in the residential area of Venice Canals.

playful candid photo during surprise proposal in venice canals

Misha and Asad were overflowing with happiness during their Venice Canals proposal photoshoot.

future bride admires engagement ring during venice canals portrait session

Misha looks at her engagement ring, moments after Asad’s surprise proposal during their walk around the Venice Canals residential area.

romantic couple portrait venice canals engagement photographer

Capturing the warmth between Misha and Asad during their Venice Canals proposal photoshoot in Los Angeles.

close up engagement ring photo los angeles photographer

A close-up shot of Misha’s engagement ring after Asad’s surprise proposal in the Venice Canals residential area.

tender moment couple portrait venice canals portrait session

A tender moment between the newly engaged couple in Los Angeles’ Venice Canals residential area.

romantic couple portrait venice canals photo session los angeles

Misha and Asad looking into each other’s eyes after the Venice Canals surprise proposal.

couple portrait white bridge venice canals engagement photographer

Misha and Asad on a small white bridge during their proposal photoshoot in Los Angeles’ Venice Canals residential area.


Venice Canals proposal photos:

The Venice Canals is a really picturesque area of Los Angeles, with cute bridges and small boats adding really nice features to the images. Being part of this surprise proposal photography session was a real honor for me, and I was looking forward to their official e-session that Asad had scheduled for the following week.

December 21, 2015