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01 What To Do With Your Engagement Session Photos After Taking Them

What To Do With Your Engagement Session Photos After Taking Them


Wondering what to do with your e-session photos? In this article, we’ll share six suggestions for sharing and celebrating them.

An engagement session takes a lot of planning. But once you receive your e-session photos, it’s easy for them to get put in the “to do” basket and forgotten about as the whirlwind of wedding planning takes over. So to ensure you celebrate your love as it should be, we’ve put together six ideas for sharing and showcasing your e-session photos.

So you’ve carefully planned out your engagement session at some of your favorite locations and invested in the services of a photographer you love. But what are you actually going to do with the photos you come away with at the end?

Of course, you’ll probably post a few to social media. But after that, are they just going to end up stored on a USB drive somewhere and completely forgotten about as you get lost in the busyness of planning your wedding day?

Before life takes over, make a plan as to how you’re going to celebrate your engagement session and showcase your photos…then make sure you do it! Whether it’s creating wall art for your home, designing a “Save the Date” or submitting your e-session photos to a magazine, there are plenty of ways you can ensure your images don’t end up at the bottom of a drawer somewhere.

To help inspire you, here are a few suggestions of what to do with your engagement session photos so they’re celebrated as they should be.


1. Post Them To Social Media

It probably goes without saying that you’ll want to post your e-session photos to social media. Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, you can easily share your pics with family and friends so they can share in your love and the experience of having a personalized photoshoot.

Don’t forget to create a hashtag to post alongside your engagement photos, then continue using this throughout your wedding planning process. After the big day is over, it will be a special moment when you can go back and reflect on all the memories captured in the lead up to and during your wedding.


2. Create An Engagement Album

One of the most practical (and beautiful) ways of sharing your engagement session photos is in the form of an album where you can showcase as few or as many as you want. An e-session is a big milestone in your love story, so don’t forget to treat it as such.

An engagement album makes for a great coffee table piece and talking point in your room that family and friends can pick up and flick through when they visit. And if you’re wondering about how to share your e-session photos with parents who might not be connected through social media, a miniature engagement album will do the trick!


3. Create A Piece Of Wall Art

If you’re after more of a statement piece that’s instantly visible in your home, why not transform your favorite e-session photo into a piece of wall art. Whether it’s a framed print, a piece of canvas art or a metal/glass print, it will be a constant reminder of the love you have for your spouse and the way you felt for them during your engagement session. Place it above the fireplace in your living room or opt for a more personal piece of wall art in your bedroom – the options are endless!


4. Use One For Your “Save The Date”

For many of our couples, their engagement session photos are destined for their “Save the Dates”, which are sent out to family and friends to ensure they don’t double book. A pic of you and your future spouse is a fun way to personalize your “Save the Dates” and turn it into a mini memento of your wedding journey.


5. Post Them On Your Wedding Website

If you’re thinking big, why not create a wedding website where you can share your love story with family and friends. It’s the perfect place to post your e-session photos, allowing both sides of the family to get to know your spouse-to-be. 

A wedding website can also be used to introduce your bridal party and as a resource for logistical wedding day information, such as how to get to your venue, the parking situation, and nearby accommodation recommendations. There are lots of platforms that make it easy to build a wedding website in an afternoon, then add to it with new photos and info in the lead up to your special day.


6. Submit Your E-Session For Publication

If you want to share your engagement session beyond your own friendship circle, it’s possible to have them published in online wedding directories, blogs, and print magazines. Most receive thousands of submissions each month, so there are no guarantees.

But it’s a great way to inspire other couples, particularly if you’ve done something slightly out of the ordinary or completely unique. If you’re not sure where to start, chat with your wedding photographer about their recommendations as to where your e-session style and aesthetic might best be suited.

May 22, 2020

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