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01 Why You Should Have Your Own Coordinator On Your Wedding Day

Why You Should Have Your Own Coordinator On Your Wedding Day


Think you can handle all the logistics of your wedding without ending up completely stressed out? Here’s our insider advice on why you should have a coordinator on your wedding day.

Planning and executing a wedding is a lot more work than you might think and something that most couples underestimate. This is why we highly recommend you hire a coordinator on your wedding day to help realize your vision and take charge of all those little logistical details. If you’re not convinced it’s worth the extra cash, check out these six reasons why a wedding coordinator is an investment you should make.

Weddings can be incredibly expensive and you might think that hiring a wedding coordinator is just another cost you can do without. But when you think about the stress they’ll undoubtedly save you (as well as a few dollars along the way), it might be a wise investment after all. If you’re still not convinced, here are just six reasons why you should have your own coordinator on your wedding day. 


1. Reduce your stress levels.

One of the biggest reasons to have a coordinator on your wedding is to reduce your own stress, as they’ll handle all of those little logistical tasks that weddings require. Perhaps it’s ensuring that the reception decor is ready to go so your photographer can capture details shots or checking in that your wedding isn’t going to overlap with another wedding taking place at the same venue. 

Your wedding coordinator can also liaise directly with your wedding planner in the lead up to your special day, without having to worry you or add another consideration to your rapidly-filling plate. Their professional experience will also mean that they’ll be a calming influence and voice of reason if stress does overwhelm you on your special day. 


2. Plan within your budget.

A wedding coordinator will know how to get the best bang for your buck and will be able to stretch your budget in ways that will have the most impact. Even small decisions can lead to big savings if left in the hands of someone that knows what they’re doing…and has the connections in the world of weddings to get things done at the right price. 


3. Save your money.

Wedding vendors are great at networking and are usually looking out for one another, as it can mean repeat business in the future. This means that if something isn’t exactly right on your wedding (say, the lighting isn’t perfect), a coordinator might be able to get the vendor to rectify it (or throw in something additional), without you having to pick up the tab. Other wedding vendors will probably want to please a coordinator as they’re likely to bring them more business if they establish a collaborative working relationship from day one.


4. Help realize your vision.

Once you share your wedding day vision with your coordinator, they’ll be your advocate in realizing it every step of the way. Unlike some of your other vendors, they’ll understand the big picture and exactly what’s inside your head while being equipped with the skills to bring the ideas to life.

Perhaps you’ve had your heart set on an outdoor ceremony but rain is on the horizon. While others might persuade you to relocate for convenience’s sake, a wedding coordinator will do everything possible to ensure you say “I do” beneath the open sky because they understand what it means to you.


5. Coordinate the entire day.

“But my venue is already providing a coordinator, so why do I need another one?” It’s important to remember that an in-house coordinator is more than likely only coordinating the specific things that the venue is offering, such as the ceremony space and catering. They’re not going to be handling all of the extra details that you’ve planned and are integral to your vision. 

On the other hand, a privately-booked day-of-coordinator will handle all of the logistics throughout your entire day, juggling all those tiny details that make your wedding unique and special.


6. Coordinate to your needs.

Some couples feel like they’ve got things covered from the get-go while others are overwhelmed at even the thought of planning their wedding. The great thing about having a coordinator on your wedding day is that you can utilize their services at either end of the spectrum or even somewhere in between.

Perhaps you’ve already decided on your vision, venue, and vendors but just need some assistance bringing it all together or maybe you don’t even know where to start. Every couple has their strengths and weaknesses or you might even have family and friends on board to take charge of the decorations/florals/officiating.

But where a wedding coordinator really shines is being able to bring all of the individual elements together to create a flawless day while giving you the freedom to take a step back and just soak up each and every moment.

May 23, 2020

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