We’ll let me help you with that. Go with Henry. He's a great human being, an excellent photographer, and you will get your value for your money."

His voice is calming and reassuring; he's never flustered, and he's always on the look-out for the perfect shot. He described exactly what he wanted us to do, and was supportive of any decisions or requests we had. He also stayed on slightly longer than initially agreed just trying to make sure we got the entire night squeezed in.

All-in-all, I know picking a photographer is challenging and you're always wondering if you're making the right call. You might wonder if you can find the "best of the low prices" or the lowest maintenance of the more expensive photographers. You'll continue to wonder if you're making the right call, knowing you don't get a do-over. 

On the day itself, Henry was excellent. Super calm and not at all harried, even when dealing with a 250+ strong crowd of boisterous folks used to weddings being a huge party.

Henry was very responsive, very fair with his pricing, and always within reach when we needed him or had a request of him. Late in the planning stages, he was helpful as we tried to lock down the order of the day and of the reception, sharing thoughts on flow and order from his wealth of experience.

"Henry was one of the first wedding decisions we made, after we had picked a wedding venue and a planner. We'd considered several other photographers, but with our desire for details and to feel like everything was under control, Henry blew us away with his long and detailed intro call.

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