Ana Mora from Dream Events is one of our longest-established colleagues, having first worked together back in April 2012. She was actually filling in for another wedding coordinator on the occasion and little did we know, she started recommending Aevitas Weddings to her couples straight away, something that was such an honor for us. 

Ever since that day, we’ve worked together on around half a dozen weddings, including a Nigerian wedding celebration at Mission Inn last year and a beachside celebration in Santa Monica. She works with a small team that’s incredibly efficient in how they operate that you’d think there were many more people working behind the scenes. 

Ana calm demeanor and organizational skills are what makes her such an exceptional wedding planner and coordinator, ensuring everything is executed flawlessly. You can really tell how much she loves her work through the personal relationships she forms with her clients and we can’t wait to work with her again soon.

Our Relationship Working With Dream Events

Ana’s work ethic is something to behold and is one of the many reasons we love working with her. From photography meetings to checking out the venue, she provides a full service, accompanying her clients every step of the way as their advocate and supporter (she’s even been to e-sessions with our couples and helped us out!).

You get the sense that no task is too big or too small for Ana and she conducts everything with enthusiasm and flair. She has an innate understanding of what we need as photographers to capture beautiful images and provides the time and resources for us to do our thing. 

Everything is always completely under control during weddings organized by Dream Events, so much so that Ana has the freedom to be with her couples during their portrait sessions, providing an extra set of hands for holding the bouquet or fluffing the dress. It’s this professionalism and her sheer passion for what she does that means we always look forward to weddings when Dream Events is at the helm. 

Why We Love Working With Dream Events

Mission Inn Hotel And Spa

Boma & Tayo

Renaissance Banquet

Alejandra & Hugo

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