Yingka Chou from Master Plans Events & Designs was the first wedding vendor we ever met! Way back at the end of 2007 when Aevitas Weddings (formally Henry Chen Photography) was just getting started. Since that day, we’ve collaborated on over a dozen weddings in all settings, styles, cultures, and faith.

Yingka has an incredible team of wedding planners and coordinators at her fingertips while also offering other services such as florals and linens. Aside from weddings, she’s planned a range of other large-scale events, giving her insider knowledge about what works (and what doesn’t). 

To give you an idea of just how much Aevitas Weddings values Yingka and her team at Master Plans Events & Designs, we asked her to coordinate our wedding back in 2013! As expected, she delivered an incredible day and we hope our working relationship continues for many years to come.

Our Relationship Working With Master Plans Events & Designs

We always know that everything will be under control when a wedding is being planned or coordinated by Master Plans Events & Designs. Over the years, we’ve established such a great working relationship with Yingka and we know exactly what we can expect from one another. 

She’s always checking in to see if she can do anything to make our lives easier and often provides a designated assistant to be with the couple during portrait sessions. Not only does this mean another set of hands for holding the bride’s bouquet and fluffing the dress but also ensuring family members are ready to go so that the schedule doesn’t get delayed. 

Even after all these years, we feel privileged to have the opportunity to work alongside Yingka and her team in being part of a couple’s special day. She creates unforgettable and stress-free weddings, not only for her clients but all of the vendors she collaborates with.

Why We Love Working With Master Plans Events & Designs

Casa Del Mar

Susan & Eugene

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