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Welcome to the very first episode of Your Wedding Podcast. I am your host, Henry Chen of Aevitas Weddings, a full-time wedding photographer based out of Southern California and I am here to help you plan your special day by bridging the gap between wedding vendors, wedding venues, and brides and grooms. This podcast is focused on creating valuable content through interviews with wedding vendors and venues to provide tips and expertise to couples.

To upcoming brides and grooms, you can also look forward to stories shared by recently married couples, providing guidance and insight for your own wedding day. In this episode we discuss what you can do as a wedding vendor to provide prospective brides and grooms with an alternative way to consume all the information that is currently available.

Wedding planning is not easy, and virtually all of your free time is strictly dedicated to making your plans a reality. As a bride and groom, it is important always consult with your team of wedding professionals first when you have critical questions. However, this podcast is an alternative to complement the resources that already exist, with the hopes that with these critical tips, you can find some inspiration and ease of mind when taking on the big task of planning their wedding day.


A little more about me, Henry Chen of Aevitas Weddings, and why I started this podcast.

I am a full-time wedding photographer based out of Los Angeles and have had the pleasure of being one for the last decade, capturing over 400 weddings in a variety of styles, settings, cultures, and faith. I am beyond excited to start on this new journey with Your Wedding Podcast, sharing my experience as a wedding photographer and also to invite other professionals in the industry to come along and share their valuable insights. From planners and coordinators, to DJs and MCs, I want to get them on the show.


Wedding vendors have to depend on excellent communication skills to go far beyond the responsibilities of the wedding day.

As a wedding photographer, my job is to provide high quality images as well as a professional level of service to all my brides and grooms who have trusted me to capture their special day. However, as vendors we do not just show up to a wedding and do what we are paid to do and leave. There is a lot of planning and communication that goes into the big day. Communicating each detail with your brides and grooms before, during, and even after the wedding day is critical making sure that things go according to plan and that each party is aware of the expectations of what is to come.


Building up trust with a prospective couple is a critical step to putting them at ease.

A lot of times, when couples first start to plan their wedding, it can be quite overwhelming. There are tons of wedding venus and vendors to choose from. This can sometimes even discourage them, especially if they do not even know where to start. As a wedding vendor or venue, you have to be aware of this and truly make your best effort to set prospective couples at ease in making the decision to choose you. When you are genuinely interested in seeing their dream day come to life, a strong trust relationship will be formed. When a couple knows that they can trust you to deliver on your promises, they are sure to be much more at ease, leaving room for a memorable experience.


Providing brides and grooms with the complete package allows them to confidently invest in your services.

During the initial planing stages of their wedding, our newly engaged couple often have questions and concerns. When compared across the industry, these questions are fairly similar from couple to couple. However, the key part is providing them with not only the answer to their questions, but unique solutions that you offer, putting a spin of your personality into your offerings. The bride and groom wants to know that you will give them the time and attention they need for their special day and that you truly care about their happiness. This creates a complete package to earn the bride and grooms’ trust, and move forward to invest in your services.


Building a team around the couple is a key component in the successful planning of their wedding day.

Talking specifically to brides and grooms, first of all, if you have just gotten engaged, congratulations! I can only imagine how excited you are, and now you are taking the big step of planning your wedding. There are many great ways to go about getting started, and it certainly is not a one-size-fits-all process. The best place to start is by asking others who have recently been married, looking at online resources, reading books, and even scooping up some bridal magazines.

For me personally, there is far more that goes into photographing a wedding than just showing up, turning on my camera, snapping a few thousand photos, and calling it a day. I make it my mission to build a relationship and help my couples with the planning and put their minds at ease. This is a huge component for all of us as vendors, and we need to become the team that is working together with the bride and groom to make their special day a reality.


Valuing your relationships with other wedding vendors is an integral part to the happiness of the couple.

As photographers we would not be able to do what we do without all the amazing people that come together to make it possible. The day is not going to run smoothly without a coordinator or planner. The reception and the dance floor are not going to get going without a DJ and an MC. We certainly will not be able to capture the bouquet, centerpiece, and other florals without the florist, and there definitely will be no video without the videographers.

With that mindset, I personally value the relationships I have with the vendors I work with and never take their skills and expertise for granted. Anything I can do to help them with their business is always at the top of my list, including providing them with the images from the wedding day to showcase their service and product.


A new platform creates an unique outlet for vendors to communicate their brands to prospective couples.

Now I want to go even beyond that, and take things to another level. Wouldn’t it be great if we could be of even more help to vendors and venues, and ultimately to our couples? To do this I want to provide a new platform for vendors and venues to get their message across and provide expert advice and tips for couples getting married.

Together we can demystify wedding planning myths, highlight vendor-specific frustrations, and bring forth your brand to speak volumes of how you differentiate yourself among the other professionals in your industry. Together this platform will not only educate and inform brides and grooms, but allow vendors to really showcase their personality, service, products, and brand!


The logistics and outcome of a couple’s wedding day is dependent on the venue they choose.

In many ways, when it comes to wedding planning, venues are the top of the food chain. It’s the first thing that a couple needs to book before anything else. It goes without saying that booking a venue is probably the most important aspect of planning. All the other aspects falls around the date, which at times is dictated by the venue’s availability.

For me personally, even before discussing pricing packages with a prospective couple, the first thing I will ask them is their date (and venue). There are many factors that go into deciding on a venue, such as the number of guests, the atmosphere, the food, availability, and pricing. Providing venue catering managers and coordinators a platform to answer these questions is a great way to further help prospective couples make their decision.



In summary, my goal is to raise the level of quality across the entire board in the wedding industry. That means increasing communication and preparation levels, and working together not just on the wedding day, but well before and after the wedding as well. Building these relationships will be critical so that in the future with up-coming weddings we can help one another out and overall raise the standard of service, which will ultimately benefit brides and grooms, our paying customers.


Coming up on future episodes:

On the next few episodes I will be interviewing a winery in Temecula, a wedding planning team that I have been working with for many years, and a DJ that I met at the end of last year. They will be sharing lots of insight and providing a ton of value to the wedding community. After that, we will continue on with even more interviews with the goal, as always, to help brides and grooms plan their special day.


Outline of this episode:

[0:22] Introduction and overview of the podcast, and your host.

[4:50] Discussing the importance of setting prospective couples at ease.

[8:22] Highlighting common questions from brides and grooms.

[11:01] Tips for helping the couple plan their wedding day.

[16:31] Overview of how this podcast is a complement to existing resources.

[17:57] Speaking to wedding vendors about coming together as a team.

[25:11] Touching on the third group of stakeholders, wedding venues.

[29:37] Summary of the episode.

[30:31] A thanks for listening, and extra information.

[32:10] Coming up on future episodes.


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