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Our first opportunity to work with Samantha Hall Events came with the celebrity wedding of Kaitlin Doubleday and Devin Lucien at Ventana Inn and Spa in Big Sur. Not only was it an honor to be selected as the photographer for such a high-profile wedding but a privilege to work with such talented vendors, such as Samantha Hall. 

Since that day, we’ve worked together during four weddings and it’s always such a pleasure. We photographed a Christmas-themed wedding that had been expertly coordinated by Samantha and her team in December 2017, as well as two weddings in 2018 at Santa Barbara Historical Museum and Redondo Beach Historic Library. 

On both of the latter occasions, Samantha was actually the one who recommended Aevitas Weddings to her couples, which is something we never take for granted. When you consider the value and authority that wedding planners have (as they’re usually the first vendor to be hired by a couple), receiving their endorsement is one of the biggest honors we can receive.

Our Relationship Working With Samantha Hall Events

Samantha is just incredible at what she does, with meticulous attention to detail and a really friendly, personable nature. She’s always thinking ahead, is really proactive and exceptionally organized, not just on the day of the wedding itself but weeks in advance. 

Aside from sending us through the wedding day itinerary well ahead of time, she’ll also schedule in a phone meeting to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible and that there’s enough time set aside for photography. Not all wedding coordinators would ask for the photographer’s inputs, so we love that Samantha values our perspective and expertise. 

She’s always assisted by a team of two or three girls who work efficiently to ensure they’re on top of everything and that the couple’s well taken care of. At the end of the day, we know that any wedding coordinated by Samantha Hall Events is going to be in great hands and we hope our working relationship continues in the future.

Why We Love Working With Samantha Hall Events


Annelie & Camron

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Kaitlin & Devin

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