Arden Hills Resort Club And Spa in Sacramento
Architecture of Arden Hills Resort Club And Spa
Bride and bridesmaids dresses hanging Sacramento hotel
Diamante shoe detailing at Sacramento wedding
Bride having makeup done in suite at Arden Hills Resort
Bridesmaids in floral robes at Arden Hills Resort Club
Bride's accessories by Sacramento wedding photographer
Groom's suit jacket hanging in Sacramento hotel suite
Groom's shoes by Sacramento wedding photographer
Groom tying bowtie with best man at Sacramento hotel
Father helps groom with cufflinks at Sacramento wedding
Best man tying groom's bowtie at Sacramento wedding
Groom tying shoelaces in Sacramento hotel suite
Groom giving groomsmen gifts at Sacramento wedding
Reflective father tying bowtie in hotel suite mirror
Groom opening gift of Nike shoes at Sacramento wedding
Wedding dress hanging at Arden Hills Resort Club
Bride's shoes on handles of wooden door in Sacramento