Bride having makeup applied San Clemente wedding
Special moment bride and mom San Clemente wedding
Bride admiring herself in handheld mirror San Clemente
Bride and mom admiring wedding dress San Clemente
Bride with bridesmaids in hot pink dressing gowns
Bride admiring ring with bridesmaids on hotel bed
Bride and bridesmaids jumping on hotel suite bed
Bridesmaids embracing bride San Clemente wedding
Casino San Clemente by LA wedding photographer
Wedding dress hanging in suite at Casino San Clemente
Details photo of silver wedding shoes in San Clemente
Details photo of ring inside bride's wedding shoes
Bride admiring wedding dress at Casino San Clemente
Bride portrait with mirror and frames in San Clemente
Beautiful bride portrait with veil in San Clemente
Bride fixing earrings in ornate mirror San Clemente
Bride and mom holding hands with wedding dress
Close-up shot of bride's hand with engagement ring