Gorgeous vintage-inspired wedding dress in Los Angeles
Details shot of wedding shoes by LA photographer
Details shot wedding ring by Los Angeles photographer
Bride having makeup done Art Deco-style wedding
Bride admires vintage-inspired wedding dress in window
Bride admires wedding ring in white dressing gown
Groom getting ready photo Los Angeles wedding
Groom and best man getting ready Cicada Restaurant
Casual groom portrait in white suit jacket, LA
Groom and groomsmen portrait at Cicada Restaurant
Groom smiling in white suit jacket portrait, LA
Close-up shot of groom's watch and engagement ring
Fun groom and groomsmen portrait at Cicada Restaurantadfaff
Bride jewelry details shot of earrings
Wedding shoes photo on paisley carpet
Wedding ring and wedding shoes details shot photo
Make-up artist sprays mist on bride's face
Close-up photo of bride having make-up applied