Wedding dress hanging at private LA residence
Bride's silver shoes Los Angeles wedding photographer
Wedding ring details at Ebell Los Angeles photographer
Bride and maid-of-honor in floral robes in Los Angeles
Bride admiring dress at private Los Angeles residence
Bride admiring engagement ring in floral dressing gown
Creative photo of The LINE Los Angeles hotel
Groom's suit jacket hanging at The LINE Los Angeles
Groom's shoes and bowtie at Los Angeles wedding
Groom's cufflinks and vows by LA wedding photographer
Groom putting on shoes at The LINE Los Angeles
Groom fixing watch at window of The LINE Los Angeles
Reflecting groom getting ready at The LINE Los Angeles
Black and white groom and best man getting ready photo
Groomsmen gift bags at The LINE Los Angeles
Groomsmen receiving gifts at The LINE Los Angeles
Groomsman opening gift at The LINE Los Angeles wedding
Groomsmen opening brown toiletry bags at LA wedding