Entrance to Estancia La Jolla Hotel And Spa
Traditional Indian bridal sari at Estancia La Jolla
Details photo of wedding ring and Indian bangles
Bride getting ready for Indian wedding in San Diego
Creative photo of bride at Estancia La Jolla Hotel
Bride in purple sari by Indian wedding photographer
Bride's mom getting ready for Indian wedding, San Diego
Bride getting ready by Indian wedding photographer
Beautiful close-up Indian bride portrait in San Diego
Traditional Indian groom sherwani at San Diego wedding
Groom getting ready for traditional Indian wedding
Candid photo of groom by Indian wedding photographer
Candid photo of wedding guests with cell phone cameras
Pouring water on groom's head at Indian wedding
Groom's dad pours water over head in bath
Indian women prepare wedding offerings in hotel suite
Candid photo of groom in bath at Estancia La Jolla
Groom putting on Indian sherwani wedding attire