Couple sunset portrait at Fess Parker DoubleTree Resort
Entrance to Fess Parker DoubleTree Resort Santa Barbara
Wedding dress hanging in Santa Barbara gardens
Wedding ring with leaf by Santa Barbara photographer
Bride's silver shoes in greenery, Santa Barbara
Bride and mom admire wedding dress in Santa Barbara
Bride with veil having lipstick applied in hotel suite
Bride with bridesmaids blowing kiss in floral gowns
Bride admires wedding dress at Fess Parker Resort
Bride having lipstick applied at hotel suite window
Groom details by Santa Barbara wedding photographer
Candid photo of groom fixing tie in Santa Barbara
Black and white groomsmen getting ready photo
Groom putting on suit jacket at Fess Parker Resort
Groom and dad getting ready in Santa Barbara
Groom reading note at Fess Parker DoubleTree Resort
Groom wipes away tears while reading note card
Groom portrait by Fess Parker Resort photographer
Bride getting ready with bridesmaids in Santa Barbara