Wedding dress hanging in window at private LA residence
Jimmy Choo shoes by LA wedding photographer
Bride having lipstick applied at LA private residence
Bride jewelry details by LA wedding photographer
Bridesmaid champagne toast at LA private residence
A bride is kissed by her moms while getting ready in LA
Bride admires wedding dress with arched wooden door
Groom's suit jacket with records on wall behind
Groom playing pool by Los Angeles wedding photographer
Groom's black shoes by Aldo at Los Angeles wedding
Groom playing pool with dad in Los Angeles games room
Groom tying shoes with red fireplace in Los Angeles
Groom getting ready in Los Angeles games room
Groom and best man getting ready in private games room
Funny groom getting ready candid photo in Los Angeles
Groom fixing groomsman's bowtie at Los Angeles wedding
Groom giving groomsmen gifts on wedding day in LA
Groomsman reacts to gift from groom at LA wedding