Of all the vendors you select for your wedding, a photographer is arguably the most important as it’s the images they capture that will live on as enduring memories of your special day. Not to mention, you're photographer will be around you and all your loved ones more than any other vendor on your big day.

But with so many wedding photographers out there shooting in different styles and offering different packages and pricing, it can be very challenging to determine who would be perfect to capture your day. And even with the right choice, you want to ensure things go well on your wedding day so that you do get the best images!

As wedding photographers, we know a thing or two about what separates a good photographer from an incredible one, both in terms of capturing quality images and offering amazing customer service. So to help you in your decision-making process, we’ve put together some of our top tips for finding a wedding photographer and the questions you should ask them before signing a contract. 

We’ll also share with you our advice to ensure all the important photos are captured on your day while you and your future spouse can be "in the moment" and have the time of your lives with your loved ones!

Wedding Photography Tips