Questions To Ask



Just got engaged and starting your search for a wedding photographer? Discover 10 of the most important questions to ask a wedding photographer in this first video of my two-part series.

From how much experience they have shooting solo to whether they’ve photographed a wedding at your venue before, we’ll chat about all those questions that you might not be feeling confident enough to ask.

Have you photographed a wedding of my culture or faith (and do you have the gallery photos to prove it)? How do you go about photographing a wedding and what is your vision?

You should also ask questions of a more logistical nature, such as, do you have liability insurance and backup equipment if something goes wrong?

You might also want to get a good idea of what the overall client experience will be like - what happens after you sign the contract and how will your photographer prepare for your wedding day in particular?

Do you need to pay a deposit and when is the balance due or you may want to ask how flexible the photographer is on pricing?



In the second of this two-part series about questions to ask a wedding photographer, I’ll chat about some of the specific things you should ask about the wedding day itself and what happens after.

It’s important that you and your photographer are on the same page before the contract is signed, just to ensure there aren’t any unexpected surprises or misunderstandings.

Do they have a backup plan if they’re sick on your wedding day and what guarantees can they give you that they’ll show up at all! You might also want to ask their policy on working overtime and the rates they will charge to avoid any awkward situations if the schedule is running late.

When it comes to what happens after the wedding day, you should get an idea of when your photos are expected to be ready and if there’s any compensation if the deadlines aren’t met.

Will you be able to view, share and download the images and what rights do you as the client have to the photographs?

You might also want to check in regarding how they edit the images and what kind of retouching can you expect before receiving the finished product.

Speaking of which, how many images will you actually receive, and if you order an album, when can you expect to have that in your hands?

In some cases, a wedding photographer will address many of these concerns before you even ask. But don’t be shy to ask any questions you might have before it’s too late!